Wild Stallion

The revolutionary self-hypnosis CD system
scientifically formulated to procure stronger arousal, longer lasting erections
and introduce you to the world of multi-orgasms.

Why the Buzz?

In a recent survey they ask women how many of them had ever faked an orgasm, and an overwhelming 86% said they had. When asked the reason they felt they had to fake it, the overwhelming response was a lack of trust.

These women said they didn’t feel like they could trust there partners to “stay with them” long enough or apply the “right” amounts of pressure without loss of erection. If you are a man who has ever thought that you’d like the ability to make love all night, and maybe even have an orgasm WITHOUT ejaculation -- but you have not wanted to read boring “sex-manuals,” attend exhausting yoga classes, or shell out hundreds of dollars on a Tantra Sex workshop,  then the Wild Stallion CD might just be what you are looking for.

The Science:

Wild stallion uses a scientific formula of 3D-Audio technology (patents pending) for amazingly REAL sound quality, hypnosis for relaxation and mental conditioning. It features the sultry voice of renowned hypno-therapist Suzie Johnson who leads listeners into a world of Erotic Visualization that will get your blood pumping and your heart rate up!
That’s right guys, this is NOT just another “how to” instruction program. It’s erotic, it’s sexy, and it’s hypnotic so you experience the changes in REAL TIME!

The Benefits:

• Have multiple orgasms
• Have longer lasting and stronger erections
• Access a powerful source of inner sexual confidence
• Discover new levels of enjoyment and sensation
• Have orgasms easily and more often
• Reach unimaginable new heights of physical pleasure
• Find "hidden" reserves of sexual energy
• Eliminate performance anxiety
• Heighten sexual pleasure and enjoyment

Facts you should know:

Wild Stallion is divided into two sessions. One session is for normal use -and the second is called sensuous dreaming -and it helps you fall asleep and conditions your mind for longer love making session

Wild Stallion is mental conditioning : It’s a secret weapon every great lover keeps for life, The more you listen to the CD, the more profound your experience becomes.

Wild Stallion works great with other sexual & arousal enhancements. You can (and should) try combining your listening with other physical stimulant.

Wild Stallion is safe. It uses no drugs or harmful chemicals yet the wonderful effects last a life time.

©1997-2004 Mind Spa Audio, LLC. All rights reserved

Please Note:

This CD is only sold to adults (18 years of age or older).

Order Wild Stallion Today for ONLY $19.95


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Disclaimer: Sexologist Dr. Birch, your web site host, cannot verify all of the claims made for this product, but does encourage your curiosity and safe experimentation!
Better yet, this audio tape is a great addition to other behaviorally-oriented approaches to the learning of ejaculatory control. Therefore, it has been included in a Four-Pronged Program for dealing with rapid ejaculation. This package includes:

MALE SEXUAL ENDURANCE offers the view that "Nature" intended men to "plant their seed" rapidly as a safety precaution, and then details and illustrates step-by-step stratagies for "fooling Mother Nature." The book is written with wisdom and humor by a retired Certified Sex Therapist.

YOU CAN LAST LONGER walks the viewer through a series of sex therapy sessions with a Certified Sex Therapist. Watch as a young couple practice their "homework" in the privacy of their own bedroom.

WILD STALLION is a CD that takes a different approach that would supplement (not replace) the traditional behavioral approach in sex therapy. The erotic imagery and 3-D auditory sound effects were developed by a qualified hypnotherapist as a "mind-conditioning" approach to preparing men for longer sessions and possibly multiple orgasms.

COPING WITH PREMATURE EJACULATION is the newest book on the topic and is authored by two Certified Sex Therapists. This book looks at the various types of and causes for rapid ejaculation, and then describes steps for dealing with this concern.

If purchased separately, these four educational programs would cost $70.80 plus postage. Discover how to save $10.80 on the package!


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