Wild Nights for Couples

The best of the MindSpa Audio programs for couples

Why the Buzz?

MindSpa Audio has just released an amazing double audio CD system that guarantees couples will have better sex. It’s called Wild Nights for Couples, and it is fast becoming the #1 sexual enhancement audio system in the world.

You get the 2 most powerful (and popular) CD’s:

The first CD is Passion UP! For Women.

Simply listening to this CD puts a woman in the mood for making love.  

 Passion Up uses a scientifically developed formula of sensual Audio and Guided Erotic Imagery to excite, arouse and stimulate her most powerful sex-organs (her mind, her heart and her emotions).

This CD creates a new standard in helping women unlock sexual energy, get turned on and get mentally ready for deeper and more intense sexual encounters.


The second CD is Wild Stallion for Men.

better sex Simply listening to this CD helps a man have longer lasting, stronger arousals, and become ready for multiple orgasms. (Yes, there is information on possibly experiencing multiple orgasms!) Wild Stallion is formulated to take you thorough a progressive journey of relaxation, stimulation, physical arousal and preparation for explosive sex.

Men who listen can expect to become turned on, aroused and mentally (and physically) prepared for the possibliity of multi orgasms.

Wild Stallion also has a bonus track called Sensuous Dreaming. Men can listen to this track to help  fall asleep. While it is doing that, it is also conditioning your subconscious mind for stronger arousals, more stamina and multiple orgasms.

Note to listeners: The producers of the CD claim that the sensuous dreaming session on Wild Stallion can and sometimes will produce erotic dreams that could result in ejaculation during sleep.

The Benefits:

  • Access a powerful source of inner sexual confidence

  • Discover new levels of enjoyment and sensation

  • Have orgasms easily and more often

  • Reach unimaginable new heights of physical pleasure

  • Become automatically aroused

  • Get your mind and body ready for intercourse

  • Get rid of distracting thoughts

  • Find ‘hidden” reserves of sexual energy

  • Release natural states of eroticism and sexual excitement

  • Feel better about your body and your appearance

  • Eliminate performance anxiety

  • Heighten sexual pleasure and enjoyment

  • Explore the possibility of multiple orgasms

  • Increase feelings of love, intimacy and connection

Facts you should know

Wild Nights is the kind of CD you keep by your bedside for life. The more you listen to the CD, the more profound your experience becomes. And because it’s so much fun - you’ll have no difficulty listening to it over and over again.

Wild Nights works great with other sexual & arousal enhancements. You can (and should) try combining the use of your Wild Nights System with your other forms of sexual play. 

Wild Nights is Safe. It uses no drugs or harmful chemicals yet the wonderful effects can wind up lasting a life time.

Wild Nights is most effective because it activates and arouses your REAL sex organ…YOUR MIND.

Order Wild Nights Today for Only $25.95



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