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sex toys

        "My favorite vibrator is my Hitachi Magic Wand that I bought ten years ago in an appliance store where it was advertised as a body massager. I had never experienced an orgasm until I became comfortable with the Magic Wand, but it did take a while. The Wand is very powerful and scared me at first, and so I used it as a body massager until I became more comfortable with the vibrations. Even now I start low on my genitals and gradually work up to my clitoris. Once on my clit, I hold in pretty tight and just move it a little bit . . .  the vibrations take over and do the rest. I was amazed by the power of my first orgasm, but now I am easily orgasmic two or three times each time I play with my toy."
        "I use it both for masturbation and with my partner, who loves not having to worry about me coming. I highly recommend the Hitachi, and when I wear this one out, I will buy another one just like it. The picture was taken almost 10 years ago, but by then I was coming regularly with it."
Hitachi Magic Wand
49 year old woman from Canada

       "As a man, I like something I can stick my erection into, and so my favorite toy is one of these rubber artificial vaginas. I did not buy a fancy expensive one, but this soft rubber sleeve works great when I lubricate it up with K-Y or Astroglide. I am in control of the tightness and of the speed. These do take a while to clean up and it takes a while for them to dry inside. I bought this from the Adam & Eve web site, and recommend it to any man who is without a woman"
toy pussy
60 year old man from a southern US state

toy pussy

"I tried one of those vibrating eggs that you put inside, but did not feel much. However, I had found that if feels great with the egg vibrating inside while my husband eats me or when I use my Pocket Rocket vibrator on my clitoris. I would not recommend one of those eggs alone, although I am thinking about having one in and vibrating the next time I go grocery shopping!"

32 year old woman, mother of two.

sex toy

"I just wanted to let you know I received the Love Wand and I love it. It works especially well with my Forbidden Pleasure vibrator. I also received the bonus Lady Finger vibrator, but gotta admit, it didn't please me. It's not that it's small, because size doesn't really matter; it's just that it doesn't have a lot of force and is very weak. The vibrations are not that strong, but I guess that's why it is free. I just wanted to say thanks. With my husband gone for a few months, I really needed to orgasm, and the Wand did the trick. Thanks again."

Married woman missing her husband.

sex toys

"This was my favorite until I got my Pocket Rocket. Now I'm hooked. Still, with this one inside and the Pocket Rocket on my clitoris, I'm in heaven . . . that is, if they would let kinky women in."


Forty-five year old mother of three

sex toy

sex toy

I am reviewing the "Flashlight" male masturbation toy. The nearly real feeling "lips" on the end of the device are so realistic that I almost forget that this is a sex toy and not a real person, but as with all toys like this you must be well lubed. I use many different lubrications, but my favorite is the kind that warms. That makes the sensations even more realistic. I got it at a local store called Doctor Johns here in Missouri.
A 37 year old man who survived the hurricanes.

(Note: The Flashlight is also available online at Babeland.com)

sex toy


I loved the dildo I bought from the Eve's Garden Store while visiting New York City. Then I discovered their online store and bought the next larger size. These will bend and sure beat the hard ones, plus I like that I could buy one that was not as thick as a Coke can. That might be some women's cup of tea, but I like something closer to average. I first bought the Wahl electric vibrator from here, and I love it, but my orgasms are more intense when I use the vibrator with one of these dildos inside.
A 55 year old woman with a mild case of MS

Sexologist Dr. Birch Adds: I always recommend these to women with Vaginismus because the dildos range in size up from 5.5 inches long with a one inch diameter up to 7 inches in length an 1.5 inches in diameter. As noted above, these dildos are "user friendly" because, being made of silicone, they bend a little . . . plus they clean up easily.

Discover the many pleasure that grow in EVE'S GARDEN


sex toy

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Write Vibrator Review in the subject space.
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sex toys


sex toys

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