At one learns that smegma is a natural lubricating residue made up of shedded skin cells, skin oil secretions, and moisture, including sweat. It often has a cheesy-like appearance that can vary in color from almost white to a darker shade, depending on a person's skin tone. Smegma gathers in the nooks and crannies of the body's skin folds, both under the foreskin of an uncircumcised male and under a woman’s clitoral hood. Because male circumcision is common in the United States, it is more common now among women than men.

On, Smegma is defined as "Secretions, dirt particles, dead skin, and bacteria that accumulate under the foreskin in men or the hood of the clitoris in women." Learn more about the structure and the function of male foreskin at


foreskinThomas J. Ritter, MD [co-author of "Say No to Circumcision"] has stated that "Smegma is probably the most misunderstood, most unjustifiably maligned substance in nature. Smegma is clean, not dirty, and is beneficial and necessary. It moisturizes the glans and keeps it smooth, soft, and supple. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties keep the penis clean and healthy."

"Several researchers have tried to prove that smegma causes cancer; all have failed. Not only is smegma not harmful, it is actually beneficial, serving as a protective coating and lubricant for the glans." ("The Circumcision Decision," by Edward Wallerstein, Pennypress, Inc., 1980). Further evidence that circumcision is not linked with cancer comes from tests of human smegma. In 1942, the National Cancer Institute conducted careful experiments and found that smegma had no carcinogenic effect whatsoever. This test was duplicated in 1963 on a more extensive scale by Dr. D. G. Reddy and others, with the same conclusions. Negative results have also been obtained in a number of other experiments ("Circumcision in Infancy," Charles Weiss, M.D., Clinical Pediatrics, 1964)."

Uncircumcised men need to wash under their foreskin to prevent the accumulation of bacterial and to avoid an unpleasant taste or smell. Women will react differently to the taste of fresh smegma, and it is likely that every man has his own flavor and aroma.


On we learn that smegma clitoridis (also called sebum) is the female counterpart that forms under the clitoral hood (female foreskin). This hood consists of a flap of skin that is a continuation of the upper margins of the two labia minora passing over the shaft and head of the clitoris. Smegma is derived mainly from sebaceous glands and includes the shed epithelial (skin) cells that are continually being added to the sebum. female smegma has been described as a thick, cheesy, odoriferous (sometimes described as ill-smelling) secretion (sometimes described as fishy).

Typically, however, fresh smegma is not at all offensive, even though there might be a change of taste with the first lick up under the hood. Most who love eating pussy enjoy the contrast of that bit of bitterness, so women who bath regularly need never worry about any of their flavors and aromas “down there.”

Both male and female smegma is thought by some to serve as a protective coating and lubricant for the head of the penis and the head of the clitoris.


Clitoral adhesions occur when old smegma dries and causes the clitoral hood to stick to the clitoris. This limits or prevents the clitoral hood from gliding over the head of the clitoris. If you have adhesions, when you pull on your clitoral hood, the head of the clitoris moves with it, instead of the hood retracting back over it. Trying to slide the hood back can be very painful.

Minor clitoral adhesion may be dealt with by yourself. The clitoral adhesions may be released through pressure on the clitoral hood. Things like bathing in the tub, masturbation (in the shower), bicycle riding, and horseback riding, may be enough to release it. If you do not retract your clitoral hood while washing your vulva, or retract your clitoral hood when masturbating, you may not separate any clitoral adhesion that formed, or prevent the formation of adhesions in the future.

Seems like another very good reason to play with yourself in the shower!


On you will find this recipe:
1 oz. Bourbon
3 oz. Root Beer
Called a smegma due to the residue it leaves around the rim of the glass.

Robert W. Birch, Ph.D., Certified Sexologist

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