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"...the new Natural Contours vibrators are a long-overdue alternative to those hard-plastic phallic knockoffs that currently glut the sex-toy market." ---Mirabella

"...tiny, sleek purse-worthy models shaped like a cell phone."--- Glamour Magazine

"Of course, it would take a woman to build a better vibrator.."-- - Mademoiselle

"I love your vibrators, they are so quiet that I have no problem using them when my roommate is home!!!" - Jayme, Producer, lovebytes


Diana Wiley PHD As a Board-Certified Sex Therapist and as Gerontologist, I believe an orgasm a day keeps the Doctor away! Sex is good for our health. Many women report that masturbation perks up the sex drive-creating a delicious cycle. She becomes more sexually responsive as a result of frequent, enthusiastic sexual activity, alone or with a partner. Why? All the activity boost hormone levels, especially testosterone and estrogen.

Hormone-raising sexual explorations-including self-pleasuring- are that much more pleasurable with Natural Contours. When traveling, the elegant design of these massagers gives the owners more privacy - (i.e., they do not scream "sex toy"!). Can she then pamper and de-stress herself with selfloving orgasms? Absolutely!

Natural Contour massagers can also be positioned sensuously and conveniently between two people as they make love. Or, Magnifique can be inserted vaginally (use a water-based lube) while either Petite or Superbe vibrate the clitoris. Yes, it gives a substantial, bliss buzz - but it can make a good "O" great! While the massagers are "massaging," a partner with an active erotic imagination can explore other parts of his lover's body. Using massage oil - with fingertips using light, constant, very slow strokes - he can journey along her body from head to toe. OooOOOH!

Yes, Natural Contours are intimate products I highly recommend! - Diana Wiley, PH.D.


Libido Gently molded. Sexy curves. Fits in my hand perfectly. Flicks on with a well-placed switch. Gentle, with a light buzz that becomes a moderate purr in the deluxe incarnation. So what is this lovely? Why it¹s the Natural Contours vibrator, one in a series recently developed by Candida Royalle. They come in three sizes: 4-inch Petite, 5-inch Superbe and 8-inch Magnifique. The quality of the construction is clearly above average, and the price range ( about $25-$45 retail) reflects this. They are attractively packaged, and batteries are included.

These vibrators will appeal to men and women who have never used a vibrator, as well as to those who are put off by the look of battery-operated vibes. The Petite and Superbe are great for women who need just a little extra, consistent clitoral stimulation, and for men who enjoy mild vibrations on their penis and perineum. The comfy hand-fit makes them easy to use for either partner or solo play. Folks with carpal tunnel syndrome will find these more comfortable to use than many other styles.

The quality of the vibrations is primarily a buzz, except for the top end of the Magnifique, which delivers a stronger, wider throb. The vibrators are perfectly designed for stimulation of the vulva and clitoris, something many women will appreciate.

Our female customers are particularly drawn to the Magnifique. If you enjoy penetration by two or more fingers when you're aroused, you'll love vaginal penetration by the vibrating end of the Magnifique. Once you own her, you are not likely to ever own another of the ubiquitous, rocket-shaped slimline vibrations. The Magnifique also appeals to anyone who likes maximum intensity. It's certainly not as strong as a plug-in-the-wall vibe, but for those who like the intensity of vibes like the Pocket Rocket, it¹s a lovely choice.

The Magnifique is my favorite of this trio. At the shop, we find ourselves recommending her to anyone buying a vibrator for the first time, for themselves or a friend, when price is not a big factor. The shape and construction is good, and the overall sensations are quiet pleasing.

We're happy to see Natural Contours' introduction, as it shows some creativity in the vibrator market. As men and women continue to find new ways to play with vibrators, Candida Royalle's imaginative innovations add a welcome dimension. I'd love to see more vibes as lovely as the sensual Magnifique, with stronger vibrations. I hope Candida will continue experimenting with these great shapes and make vibes that challenge the stereotypical phallic vibrators.

If you enjoy exploring and playing with a toy that feels great in your hand and on your clit (or penis, etc.), consider adding one of the Natural Contours to your repertoire. They're lovely playmates and worth inviting into your home. --- By Ellen Barnard -- From Libido Magazine

LIBIDO, the exciting on-line Journal of Sex and Sensuality.


Dr Patti Britton"Natural Contours are a wonderful and timely contribution to women's sexuality. The hundreds of women I speak with each month clamor for a discreet and engaging forms for sexual enhancement (especially, for self-pleasuring)... Women today deserve to have products for their sexual pleasure that are a delight to see, feel and use... I cannot imagine a more inventive and personable line of vibrators than the artful collection that Candida Royalle has created. Once again, Candida breaks the code for liberating women's eroticism ­safely, tastefully and with pizazz !!! "

Dr. Patti Britton, Nationally board-certified Clinical Sexologist (L.A.-based) and recognized expert on cyber-sex advise at and for The Woman Network, one of the outstanding sites for woman¹s issues on the web

©Natural Contours




We found it for less on another site, so we have dropped our price for the Magnifique from $25.95 to only $21.95, guaranteed to be the lowest on the Internet!

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