Animal Lust and a Porn Star’s Pussy

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It was one of those artificial pussies . . . you know, made out of rubber or something, and supposedly molded from the crotch of a real live porn star. I don’t remember the name of the women whose twat I got, and I probably would not recognize her face. However, I’d know that pussy anywhere!

Anyway, I had ordered this pussy from a catalog, and chose the inexpensive one without pubic hair. Shaved beaver does it for me. It’s all pink and soft and looks pretty realistic, if the woman happens to be pink, all one color, and a little sticky. I should have spent more on one of those cyberskin crotches. Would have been less sticky and probably would have had two openings to accommodate the back door enthusiasts.

This cheap twat I bought came without instructions . . . guess they figured if a guy knew enough to order an artificial pussy, he’d know what he should do with it. Did I mention that it has a built-in vibrator? What was God thinking when He/She created Eve without something inside that could vibrate?

The catalog people must have assumed that a man would know he should use some lubrication with this orifice, but it took me one try to realize you can’t fuck a dry, sticky, albeit consenting, artificial twat. As I grabbed for my tube of that stuff the doc uses when checking my prostate, it occurred to me that real women are not only slippery, they’re warm. Thus, I stuck my pussy into a pan of hot water and looked through my selection of videos. The one with three college coeds would work just fine, although today I was so horny a video on constructing the Brooklyn Bridge would have turned me on.

Watching the video, looking at that hot wet pink pussy, and fondly my cock got me hard real fast. With a blob of that jelly stuff right at the opening, I slowly penetrated Connie . . . that’s what I named her. I like prolonging that sensation of entry . . . that feeling of being engulfed by warm flesh (in this case rubber). I lingered a bit once having fully impale myself into the vibrating depth of my personal porn star, almost expecting her to beg me to thrust. Then my biology took over and I began stroking with increasing rapidity. Connie wanted me to be an animal.

I hung for a moment on the brink . . . actually tried to hold back just a little longer before the inevitable explosion. When I came I had not intended to cry out, but my orgasmic ecstasy would not permit me to remain silent. I swear I heard Connie squeal, and I know the neighbors must have hear us both.

I’ve discovered three advantages to screwing a rubber twat. First is, I don’t have to shower before hand, and the second is I don’t have to take Connie to dinner and the theater. Finally, I don’t have to worry about calling her the next day to lie about how the fuck was more than just sex. However, I have also found three disadvantages to screwing my artificial pussy. The first is that Connie does not call out my name as she comes (I pretend that she gets off), and the second is that I not only have to clean myself up, I have to clean her up as well. The third disadvantage is that I have to be sure I always have fresh batteries on hand. Come to think about it, the fact that Eve was created before batteries were invented probably explains her internal design.

On the whole (no pun intended), the brief encounter with my artificial pussy was quite pleasurable and certainly the epitome of safe sex. The video was fun, the service excellent, the buildup fantastic, the climax spectacular and the resulting mess impressive.

Thank you, thank you, Connie.

     By Robert Birch, 2002
    Copyright held by PEC Publishing

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This is an example of one of the the erotic short stories found in
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