The Loving Guide to Exciting a Woman

A Comprehensive Illustrated Manual on the Joyful Art of Cunnilingus

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    Oral Caress is an explicit educational book, written for adults by Robert W. Birch, Ph. D., nationally recognized retired sex therapist. It is a guide to the loving art of orally stimulating a woman. The book is more than just a few quick how-to techniques, having been described by Dr. Judith Seifer, Past President of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, as "A very wise, funny and readable guide which should be at the bedside of every bed in America."
    Contained within the 138 pages of this 8" X 10" book are 22 "Resource Tip" boxes directing the reader to a variety of educational materials and fun adult products. There is a list of 21 mailing addresses of the distributors of a wide variety of reading, viewing, and play materials, as well as a bibliography of 34 related publications.

    As a review for the experienced and an introduction for the novice, illustrations of female sexual anatomy are presented, with a description of a woman's sexual response as only a qualified sex therapist could describe. The black and white photo illustrations and the language of the book are explicit.
    This book examines the history of cunnilingus and playfully examines how it is viewed in our society today, both legally and morally. Negative images of female genitals are dispelled and a woman's sexual anatomy is presented in a most positive and definitely delicious manner. The book is clearly respectful of women, and the oral stimulation of her most private area is presented as a remarkably intimate expression, while at the same time being one of the most arousing sexual acts that can be bestowed upon her. The book, by the very nature of the topic, is both loving and lustful! It is playful in its words, but quite serious in its intent. Unrestrained passion and unrestricted pleasure are central themes within the book. Also, the importance of communication is repeatedly emphasized throughout the text.

"Fun, informative and delightful - brings new light to the delicacies of oral love making."

Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., R.N., FAAN
Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Rutgers
The State University of New Jersey
Co-author of The G-Spot and Safe Encounters

Through words and pictures (over 40 black and white illustrations) the book assures women that their genitals are beautiful and a delicacy to the pallet of a cunnilingual connoisseur. The woman who is already comfortable with her body and well experienced in allowing herself to receive this supreme pleasure will surely agree, but will still find the book both entertaining and educational. This is a book she would surely want to buy for her less experienced lover. The woman who is less comfortable with her body will find permission to lay back and enjoy the oral gift her lover is eager to give.

"Says it all about the oral caress of a woman -- destined to become a classic."

Cynthia Lief Ruberg, M.S.Ed., LPCC, NCC
Board Certified Clinical Sexologist
AASECT Certified Sex Counselor

"Illustrated with many new positions and techniques, this comprehensive book also offers up an amusing history of the legal and social views on this most intimate topic."

Kathy Brummitt
Managing Editor
Sex Over Forty

cunnilingus tips

The novice at performing the act will find reassurance and advice, including a strategy for gaining comfort with this new activity. The experienced giver will most likely look for confirmation that he or she has been doing things right, but is quite likely to discover a few new ideas for fine tuning the techniques and adding novelty to the approach. The book is explicit in language and photos. It concludes with 8 illustrated "testimonials" by women who write about their discovery and enjoyment of an Oral Caress. 

"A humorous blend of provocative information and erotic illustration."

Roger Libby, Ph.D., FAACS
Board Certified Clinical Sexologist
Author of Sex from Aah to Zipper, Co-author of Sexual Choices


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    As the buyer of books or videos on performing oral sex, I assume you enjoy being the giver, but also being the one on the receiving end. I thought it might be fun to acknowledge your partner’s skill in a way that is both public and private.

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Read an erotic poem by Dr. Birch, titled "THE ORAL CARESS"

Do you know there is a drink called "The CUNNILINGUS?"

Go here for an adult cartoon on CUNNILINGUS."

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