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Robert W. Birch, Ph.D.
Sexologist & Adult Sexuality Educator
Former Journal of Sex Education & Therapy Audio-Visual Review Editor

female ejaculation

This adult sexuality video is narrated by a young man, identified only as "Arte," who has the good fortune of attempting to demonstrate what he has called the new sex with a very attractive young woman. Arte talks of a distinction between "clitoral orgasms" and "G Spot orgasm & Ejaculation." What he lacks in anatomical knowledge, he makes up for with his enthusiasm. His enthusiastic claim that "...all women can ejaculate" is totally unfounded, and might cause some women to feel left out. However, I liked what he said about the importance of relaxation, trust and communication.

Arte talked of easy simultaneous orgasms, something a credentialed sexologist would never claim. In reality, simultanesous orgasms are rare. (Check out my free article on this topic.) The narrator of the video suggested that a woman's orgasm might be triggered by feeling her partner's "...ejaculation splashing against her cervix." This is the stuff of erotic stories, for in reality a man's ejaculate is most often deposited beyond the cervix (which for most women is void of erogenous nerve endings). He also mistakenly referred to a woman's vulva (the external genitalia) as her "vagina," which is, of course, on the internal tube.

For scientific accuracy and anatomical correctness, this video cannot compete with Dr. Marty Klein's The BIG O. One should never under estimate the importance of the clitoris or over-estimate the responsiveness of the G Spot. Arte talks as though G Spot stimulation will inevitably trigger a female ejaculation, but even the pioneers in the scientific study of the G Spot no longer write of this connection. With all the talk of female ejaculation, one might watch this video with eager anticipation of viewing this event. The viewer, however, will be disappointed, as the woman did not ejaculate. (More information on female ejaculation.)

I actually recommend this video, but only when balanced out with one narrated by a professional. It is refreshing to experience this man's positive attitude and to hear his endorsement of erotic massage as a part of unhurried foreplay. (Go here for more information on sensual massage.)

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