A Guide to Happiness in Your Personal Relationships
David R. Lima, LISW, ACSW

Super Six Publishing

An easy to read manual that will guide you and your partner through a 5-step program for achieving a more loving, lasting relationship.

The Love Workbook is a clear straight-forward, manageable approach designed to help you to:

l Identify hidden relationship expectations

l Define expectations so they are crystal clear

l Communicate expectations so your partner has no doubt about them

l Negotiate successfully with your partner to have your expectations met

l Monitor your partner’s efforts to respond to your needs.

l Become more effective in hearing and responding to your partner’s expectations

The Love Workbook ". . . describes many practical, workable methods of fostering communication, recharging your love and sex life, increasing your assertiveness, and using other valuable techniques of affectional rapprochement and enduring attachment."
    Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
    The Albert Ellis Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy

The author, David Lima has accumulated over 33 years of clinical experience. The Love Workbook has evolved from working with the unrecognized or unrealistic expectations that often damage relationships, and is based on the LoveWork techniques he has used with clients. He goes public with this wonderful book, written for couples who are not in counseling or wish to supplement any counseling they are receiving or have received.

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