One hot nun!
An erotic short story from the lecherous
Robert W. Birch*
Jack of all Trades, Master of Pun

This hot, irreverant adult short story runs 11 pages and contains 10 soft-core photo illustrations.
The story begins . . .

"I'm really not a prude,” you said. “I just don't understand how a priest can walk into my classroom and ask me what I'm wearing under my habit."

I look at you and smile, knowing that the vow of celibacy I took many years ago had been broken on a number of occasions. Never, however, with a nun as beautiful as you. "It’s just that on such a hot day, I could not help but wonder how you keep cool. I mean, do you wear a slip, bra . . . panties?"

"Well, Father Andrew, that seems like a pretty inappropriate question," you state, glancing down at the floor to avoid my eyes. "What would you say if I asked you the same question . . . you’re the only priest in the parish who wears a robe . . . on such a hot day, do you wear underwear?"

"Oh, no, Sister Dolores," I reply, looking directly into your dark eyes. "I'm butt naked under this robe." I thought I might catch some indication of curiosity or perhaps even desire, but you did not react.

"Oh, my," you respond, again looking down at the floor. Then a faint smile creeps across your face. You gain a bit of composure and begin to straighten up your desk. "Look at the time," you say without looking up. "Almost time for prayer.” You hurriedly stack a pile of papers in the center of your desk. “Will you be going?"

"No,” I respond. “When everyone is in the sanctuary, it gives me an opportunity to be alone . . . undisturbed. I generally pray alone, but you are welcome to join me."

"I really shouldn't." You sound sheepish . . . like a school girl being asked to take her panties off. "Your room is off limits to nuns."

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One woman wrote:
I give it an intense 2 orgasm rating, and it probably would have been a 4 had I not been diddling myself every night for the past 10 days.

Another woman wrote:
It is a good, dirty, funny story. I really like the inclusion of the photos, I respond with such excitement to them,
I also love how you manage to create the dirtiness and tenderness. I have noticed this in your writing, your sensitive, caring side is never too far away.

Another wrote:
Thoroughly enjoyed the story and the pictures. Smiled from ear to ear reading the whole thing, but now I have to go take a cold shower to stop the intense burning desire . . . that or enjoy myself being naughty!

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Ten Erotic Short Stories
Ten Lecherous Limericks Stories
Seven "Dirty Ditties"
Erotica, Erotic Stories, Lecherous Limericks, Dirty Ditties

This explicit collection of erotica reflects some of the versatility in the writing of retired sex therapist Bob Birch. This adult reading is hot and mixed with a generous helping of the humor that characterizes much of the author's works.

The first half of the book is composed of a ten erotic short stories, most with plenty of passionate sex, a healthy smattering of playfulness, and a surprise ending.

The second half of the sampler begins with ten raunchy limericks stories. These are fun, adult stories written in the catchy five-line verse of the bawdy limerick. The book ends with seven quick "dirty ditties."

There is lots of good erotic fun within this 120 page, 5.5" X 8.5"  paperback book.

$12.95 + postage

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