From the erotic novel, SETTLING THE SCORE


Always Open to Something New

          Heidi had never visited an online chat room, but one night when unable to sleep she clicked on the menu of room topics. The number and variety within the list surprised her, and as she scrolled down through the room names, she found that most of them were full. The discussion in the room called 'Gay Cops in Toledo' was easy to imagine, but she had not expected to discover how many of the room names were coded. She quickly deciphered M4M as designating rooms for males wanting to chat with other males. She had come to think of herself as bi-curious and was disappointed to discover that all of the bi rooms were full. The F4F offerings did not interest her, although a couple of these female for female rooms appeared to be open. She attempted to enter a room called 'Tri Anything,' but a window popped up announcing 'ROOM FULL!' Heidi yawned and was about to sign off when she noticed a room titled 'Late Night Capers.' "What the hell," she thought as she clicked ENTER. She was in.
          Being a first timer, Heidi sat back and watched the entries appear on the screen in what seemed to be a confusing rapid-fire sequence. As best she could tell, there were at least four simultaneous conversations taking place. Unrelated to anything else that was going on, a message popped up, bluntly asking in bolded caps, "ANY CUNT IN HERE?"
          "What a jerk," Heidi thought as she began typing a reprimand. However, before she could send it, six other messages appeared and it was obvious that others in the room had learned to ignore such off-the-wall explicit inquiries. "SEND PICTURES," another blunt message requested, followed quickly by another voyeuristic visitor who had quickly typed, "ME TOO!"
          A window with the screen names of those in the room had appeared in the right hand corner of her monitor screen, and she read down through the ten names in the list. Four screen names were obviously male, three including her own identified a female surfer, and three did not suggest a gender. One of the ambiguous names, she noted, belonged to the person who wanted pictures. Before this, she had never given much thought to the idea of sending explicit pictures over the internet. The possibilities flashed through her mind.
          As she sat wondering if a topic would come up that she might want to join in on, her instant message window popped up. The male screen name for the message sender had been among the list of room visitors, although she had not seen anything written by this person in the electronic dialog. The IM message was to the point. "AGE/SEX?"
          Heidi's response was equally brief,  "19/YES."
          Within minutes into this live one-to-one format, Heidi had learned that this man, Mark, was a twenty-two-year-old law student who liked classical music and Italian food. He had learned she was blonde, just under six feet tall, also like classical music, but leaned more toward Chinese cuisine than Italian. It was all very respectable, not like the cybersex she had heard so much about. 'One handed surfing,' her friend Sara called it.
          Heidi and Mark had written back and forth for about fifteen minutes, sharing bits and pieces of their past and present, when Mark abruptly changed the subject. "I'd like to call you." Heidi was surprised and hesitated. Then, before she could respond, the question, "What is your phone number?" popped up. She nervously typed it out and, as she told herself all the reasons why she should not share this with a total stranger, she hit the send button. A shiver of excitement ran up her spine, but there was no reply on the IM screen.
          Heidi jumped when the phone rang. She picked it up on the third ring. "Hello?" she said, almost as a question.
          "Heidi?" the soft male voice asked.
          "Yes. I wanted to hear your voice, and I'm really glad you gave me your number."
          "I really shouldn't have," Heidi scolded herself out loud.
          "But I'm glad you did," came the reassuring response, "and don't worry, I don't want to hurt you."
          "So, tell me about law school," Heidi said nervously, offering Mark the opportunity to share a bit about himself while she got used to the idea of talking to a total stranger.
          "I'd rather talk about you," Mark replied, as he began to focus in on the intent of his call. "I know this will sound silly . . . but I'd like to know what you're wearing right now. I'd like to picture you as we talk." It had in fact sounded silly to Heidi who, at the time, was wearing a long flannel nightgown. She told him, prompting Mark's predictable next question. "What are you wearing under it?"
          "I would show you, if you were here," Heidi replied, surprising herself with such a provocative comment. However, it was strangely exciting.
          Mark played the game. "But, since I'm not there, you'll have to tell me." At that point he had begun sketching her image in his mind, and needed to begin filling in some of the details.
          Heidi felt another shiver when she informed the unseen caller that she was naked under her nightgown. She wasn't, in fact, for although she was braless, she had on a pair of plain cotton panties. Cradling the phone on her shoulder, she pulled her panties off, and this, for some reason, also excited her.
          "I sure wish I could see you now," came the gentle reply. Mark added, "I'd lift up your nightie so I could see every inch of your body. Do you have nice tits?" More detail was needed for his fantasy portrait.
          "I think I do," Heidi responded honestly. "My nipples are big and they point straight ahead."  She gently shook her torso and felt the weight of her firm unrestrained breasts as they swayed from side to side. "I'd love to show them to you."
          Mark wondered about her nipples, no doubt trying to picture them in his mind. "Are they sensitive?" There was a quiver in his voice.
          "Yes," the answer came without hesitation. "Oh, yes . . . they are very sensitive."
          "And are you touching them right now?" came the whispered question.
          Heidi had never had phone sex before this late night episode with Mark, and since she was uncertain about how it was supposed to work, she followed his lead. "I'm touching my nipples now," she said as she brushed her fingers lightly over the bumps that raised up under her flannel gown. She was excited by the sensations, and also by the idea that she was feeding the fantasy of a stranger. "They're getting firm," she reported, and then asked, "Are you touching yourself, Mark?"
          "I have my cock in my hand and it's . . . it's getting firm also," Mark said, adding, "It's really getting hard."
     With Mark's use of the word 'cock,' Heidi formed her own mental image, picturing the imagined hard-on as long and thick.
          "Are you stroking it . . . are you stroking your cock?" Heidi asked, catching onto the kinds of questions that elicit answers that will nourish the bare bones of a growing visual fantasy.
          "Yes," Mark said, and with that Heidi began to visualize his hand sliding up and down the shaft of this hard fantasy penis. Mark added, "I'm thinking how nice it would be if you were here stroking my cock."
          Heidi wondered what it would feel like in her hand. "I would like that," she replied, feeling her genitals release an ample supply of warm lubrication. "If you wanted me to, I would suck on it." With that, Heidi realized she had taken the lead, and she liked that. "I'd take the head of that hard cock into my mouth and run my tongue all around it . . . while I played with your balls. Would you like that Mark? If I sucked on you . . . would that feel good?"
          Mark moaned.
          "I'd pull on that throbbing cock of yours and make you beg to fuck me." She had him going now.
          Mark's response was just barely audible. "Oh, God, I want you."
          "I'd take your big cock into my wet pussy and I'd want you to fuck me hard and deep. Do you want me now Mark? Take me then . . . fuck me."
          Mark moaned again in response.
          Heidi was on a roll. "I want you to fill me up with your hot come. Not just once, but a second time so that my cunt overflows with your juice."
          Mark struggled to get back the lead. "Are you playing with your cunny right now . . . playing with your little clit?" he asked.
          She was, but she answered a question he had not asked. "I am very wet and very hot and my pussy aches to have you inside . . . so would you fuck me?"
          "God, yes," Mark moaned, "Oh, my God, yes!"
          "Then do it! Fuck me now! Fuck me hard! I want to hear you come. I want to feel you fill my hot pussy up with your hard cock! Do it now," she demanded, as if he might somehow actually do it over the phone.
          "Oh, God," she heard Mark cry out just before he dropped the phone. The series of groans that followed told her that Mark was indeed coming, and she felt the excitement of having been a part of him getting there. It was a loud animal sound, and Heidi had earlier learned to liked hearing men cry out during their moments of orgasmic ecstasy.
          Finally the phone was back in his hand. "Thank you, thank you." he said softly and then asked, "Did you come?"
          "No," said Heidi, "but I'm close."
          "I want to be with you when you come," was his reply. She wanted him there also, if it was only knowing that he was there on the phone listening.
          Heidi had been laying on her back, holding the portable phone to her ear with one hand while rubbing her clitoris with the other. "It's your turn now." Mark whispered. Heidi had become very aroused and was more than ready to take her turn. She laid the phone on the pillow beside her ear. She had not taken off her nightie, but had pulled it up around her waist. With her right hand she straddled her clitoris with her first two fingers and stroked up and down on either side of the short, but responsive, shaft. Her left hand was now free to brush lightly over the top of a hard nipple. She said nothing as she focused on her own sensations, only purring softly in response to her self-induced pleasure. Mark knew not to ask distracting questions.
          From the phone beside her ear, Heidi heard his slow soft voice. "I know you are feeling good and I want it to be as good for you as it was for me. I want you to come, honey . . . a big come. I'd love to be there watching you rubbing that beautiful wet pussy of yours. I'd put my fingers in your pretty cunt right now . . . feel your warmth as you rub that hot clit." His words had not been intrusive, barely audible above her own sounds. She drifted between listening to his voice and focusing on the hunger that was growing within her loins. The flat of her fingers now brushed firm and fast across her swollen clitoris. Eyes tightly closed, her arousal built closer and closer to her jumping off point, and she felt herself stretching for it. Her legs muscles tightened and her head pushed back into her pillow. She was teetering on the brink, wanting that release that elusively remained just beyond her reach. She held her breath.
          "Picture me coming," Mark whispered. "Picture me stroking my hard cock and the hot come spurting out." That image of spiraling globs of ejaculate flying through the air was her trigger. A long low "ooooooh" emerged from somewhere deep within Heidi, hardly reflecting the shattering power of the feelings that crashed through her young body. Her body convulsed in the overwhelming ecstasy of intense orgasmic spasms, each contraction accompanied with a deep moan. Then she was still, basking in the luxurious warmth of the quiet afterglow.
          She heard Mark's voice. "Ooooh . . . my dear, sweet, sexy friend, that was so wonderful."
          Even after picking up the phone, all she could say was, "Ooooh." At that moment this stranger had seemed like someone she had known for years. "Thank you, Mark. Thank you . . . thank you, love."
          Mark responded, "And thank you for sharing. That was such an incredible come, and I only wish I could have been with you in person."

          Mark called five more times, each call ending in fantastic orgasms on both ends of the line. On the final call, they had come together and after having experienced the ultimate, after having achieved simultaneous orgasms, Mark had perhaps felt the need to move on. Although contact had been lost, Heidi remembered Mark's ability to paint, with his soft words, a wonderfully erotic picture in her mind, and in this regard he had been quite unique. She subsequently had phone sex with two other men, but both were awkward, lacked creativity, and were totally unappreciative of her climactic experience. She had been spoiled. After these two attempts failed to find someone who, like Mark, could spin magic with his words, she gave up getting off long-distance.

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