A Sex Therapist's Manual

Dr. Robert Birch, with 35 years of experience as a marital & sex therapist, has pulled together an assortment of practical material for both clinical practice and classroom use.

Howard J. Ruppel, Jr., Ed. Ph.D., PAST Executive Director of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, describes the manual as "A really excellent collection of assessment material."

Kathleen Segraves, Ph.D., of the Sexuality Program at the Cleveland Metro Health Medical Center described the manual as "wonderful" and "very helpful."

Ginny Watts, LCPC & Liz Muhs Stone, LCPC said of the manual in their review which appeared in the Sexual Counseling Digest, it is "...an excellent supplement to the library of an experience relationship or sex therapist, providing varied resources and generating new ideas and interventions."

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Robert W. Birch, Ph.D.
PEC Publishing
429 Grand Ridge Dr.
Howard, OH 43028

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A Sex Therapist’s Manual contains, among its other clinical and educational material, 10 stories that Dr. Birch had told over many years, finding them useful in making a point, reframing an idea, or offering an interpretation. These stories have become quite popular and, per many requests, have been printed separately for those wishing to buy the stories (or metaphors) without having to purchase the entire manual.

With the purchase of this collection of 10 stories and metaphors comes unconditional permission to run multiple copies as needed. Its loose spiral binding allows the pages of this manual to be laid flat on a copier. Some clinicians have copied an appropriate story and have then given it to clients or couples as "homework assignments." The instructions were to take the story home to discuss it’s meaning and to discover how it might apply to them. Other clinicians have had their clients or couples read an appropriate story (or have read the story to them) in the office and have then processed the message and implications during the same session. Obviously, after a few tellings, most clinicians begin retelling these stories from memory and, perhaps, with their own creative therapeutic revisions.

The stories:

Carrying Water from the Well is a short story that reminds men that infrequent ejaculation will markedly contribute to the rapid loss of ejaculatory control.

The Eager Young Fireman is a metaphor that frames rapid ejaculation as the consequence of a high level of excitement and, with this intense arousal, the failure to anticipate the point of ejaculatory inevitability.

The Sexy Woman from Saturn tell the story of a man who experiences physical discomfort during his attempt to satisfy his beautiful and responsive partner - and then turns it around to help understand his partner’s dyspareunia (painful intercourse).

A Hunger for Sex draws a parallel between an appetite for food and an appetite for sex, emphasizing the difference between levels of sexual desire among people with regard to this biological need.

The California Story addresses a major problem in long term relationships in which the goal of mechanical intercourse has overshadowed the sensual process of the loving journey.

Tale of Two Golfers is an attempt to give a message in a manner that competitive men might understand so that they might begin to understand the difference between being goal-focused and staying process-oriented.

The Shocking Story of a Laboratory Rat is a behaviorist’s quasi-scientific recounting of a laboratory experiment that may or may not have ever happened, but explains how anxiety can initiate and maintain avoidance behavior.

Mother Nature’s Mandates further highlights the predictability of sexual failure in the wake of performance anxiety.

Of Rocks and Roses is a story composed to assist a couple with communication problems understand how they can love each other and believe that they are showing it, but end up feeling unloved and being told they are unloving.

The Sad Tale of a Stubborn Robin is my retelling of an old story I have told to defuse a situation in which a client’s feelings were hurt by one of my well-intended interventions. The moral of this story is that there are times when someone who cares seems to be dumping on your, but they are doing so for your own well-being.

These 10 metaphorical stories are contained within the Sex Therapist’s Manual ($24.95), but can now be purchase as a separate collection. As with the larger manual, the stories are in a spiral binding so that pages will lay flat on a copier for easy (and unlimited) duplication.

This collection, A Sex Therapist’s Stories, is available for $6.95 plus postage and handling.

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