Q: Is the order form "secure?"
A: YES, this is a "secure site".

This web site is secured using a Thawte Digital Certificate. This ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted. Please click on the Thawte Authentic Site Seal which will verify the validity of our Thawte Certificate, and our commitment to your security.

If you entered this site by typing in, this logo will probably say "Invalid." The site is in fact secure, but this seal will only recognize it if you had typed in!

Q: Are the e-mailed questions and orders then vulnerable to hackers?"
A: No, the computer on which e-mail is received is well protected from hackers by a Norton Personal Firewall®. In addition, the IP service used for all e-mail is also firewall protected.

Q: Can I get answers to personal sexual questions?
A: Yes, e-mail Certified Sexologist Dr. Robert Birch at, but be sure to type "Question" in the Subject box.

Q: What about viruses.
A: The anti-virus program screens both incoming and outgoing e-mail.

Q: How soon can I expect delivery?
A: All orders come to Dr. Birch at his home office in Ohio. If the order is received in the morning, the products you ordered will be in the mail by late afternoon. If the order is received later in the day, you order will go out the following day.
     If you have requested shipment by Priority Mail, the product should arrive within three or four business days. Book Rate (Fourth Class Mail) is less expensive but takes longer and delivery time is unpredictable. Foreign orders are always sent by Air Mail and delivery time depends on so many factors it is hard to project a time of arrival.

Q: If I order from Dr. Birch, who does business as PEC Publishing, will I begin receiving e-mail or paper mail from other companies?
A: Information about buyers will never ever be sold or traded to another person, agency or business, except in those instances where certain products are to be shipped directly from the main distributor.

Q: Why would products come from other sources?
A: There are a very few videos and a couple books that are not big-sellers, and rather than pay for an inventory of products that move slowly, it makes sense to take the order and then ask the main distributor to ship the item(s). Dr. Birch is committed to keeping costs down and passing the savings on to customers. This is one way to do so. However, the vast majority of products are shipped directly from the home office of Dr. Birch.

neat packageQ: Will the packaging be discrete?
A: Products will be shipped in plain envelopes or boxes, but will carry the Dr. Birch's name or PEC Publishing in the return address. If you would like only the street and city in the return address on the packaging, please indicate this in the comments section of the order form.
Larger image of the Neat Package drawing

Q: Will my credit card statement show the adult product I purchase?
A: No. Charges on your credit card account will show up with R W Birch, Ph.D. as the merchant name.

Q: Can I use my PayPal Account?
A: Yes. You will find instructions on this page.

Q: Can I return items?
A: Videos cannot be returned. Books reduced in price and sold as scratched or damaged or books that have not been shrink-wrapped cannot be returned. Books by Dr. Birch that are shrink-wrapped can be returned at buyers expense for a full refund of the book cost if unopened, or for one half of the book cost if the shrink-wrap has been removed.

Q: What does it mean when it says "Special postal rates apply for International Air Mail?"
A: Most of the postage costs given apply to shipments within the United States. In order to be fair to both buy and seller, for many shipments outside the U.S. the actual postage costs are charged. This will mean that two charges will appear on the buyer's credit card statement. The first will be for the cost of the products and the second the cost of actual air mail postage.

Q: How is postage calculated for shipment within the United States?
A: Many online and print catalogs base shipping and handling costs on the price of the item or items. A lighter item that costs more might in shipping and handling than a heavier package costing less. On this site, I have, in general, tried to come up with a set cost for the first item, then a set amount for each additional item. However, for some lighter items the shipping cost is reduced, and for some specials, the cost is included in the price.

Recent postage increases requires a new look a shipping and handling costs. These are likely to change over the next couple of months . . . increasing for some items, decreasing for others. Just as I promise the lowest prices on the internet, I would like to keep out shipping and handling costs reasonable.

Q: Can I get a gift card with my purchase?
A: Yes, we have a couple erotic cards that you can purchase with your order. We will be adding to this selection. View the cards we now offer.

Q: You claim to have the lowest prices on the Internet. How can you do this?
A: Not only do I claim it, I guarantee it! I can keep my prices down for a number of reasons.

1. This is a one person operation. No paid staff taking orders, no packing and shipping department, and no bookkeepers or accountants. I am a retired Marital & Sex Therapist, and I operate out of my home in rural Ohio.
2. Whenever possible, I recycle boxes and packing materials.
3. I look for the best buys when I shop for products to sell, and then pass those savings on.
4. I enjoy putting together money-saving combinations, and put these specials together mostly for the fun of it ... I do not clear much, but I love being creative with what I sell!
5. I am my own web page designer and webmaster. It costs less for one person to do everything!

Here is an example of how I save you money.

pocket rocket, vibrator This is how the popular Pocket Rocket is packaged and sold for as much as $29.95 on some web sites!
pocket rocket, vibrator, low price orgasms I buy in bulk and without any fancy packaging, and can sell this same impressive little vibrator for $18.95.

Still have questions?

Additional questions can be e-mailed to Dr. Birch.


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