We sell Astroglide, plus the following two lubricants made specifically for anal sex:

Sexual Lubrication second only to nature Astroglide is a safe, water-base lubricant that is sold in two sizes.

The 2.35 oz bottle sells for $6.00 plus postage.

2.35 oz Bottle of Astroglide - Quantity

The money-saving 5 oz size costs $8.50 plus postage.

5 oz Bottle of Astroglide - Quantity

After the fun is over, Astroglide is easily cleaned away with warm water or a Pleasure Wipe.
Learn more about Astroglide.

anal sexAnal Easy has a 7.5% benzocaine formula that makes anal sex easy - first time, every time.
It is appreciated by beginners and by old masters of anal play.

Anal Easy comes in a 1 fl. oz flip-top bottle. Our price: $9.00 plus postage and handling

Anal Easy Lubrication - Quantity

anal sexAnal-Ese also has a special formula containing benzocaine that substantially reduces the initial discomfort of anal intercourse, while providing excellent lubrication. In addition, Anal-Ese has a fresh-tasting cherry flavor (I'll leave you to imagine why).

Our price for a 1 oz tube is $10.00 plus postage and handling.

Anal Ese Lubrication - Quantity

Try them both and save. When you buy one of each, the cost will be $15.00 plus postage and handling!

Both Anal Lubricants - Quantity

A&E; Pro ANAL LUBE: With no nonoxynol-9
wet Pleasures for backdoor adventure! Condom Compatible! A thick, rich anal lubricant that feels like petroleum jelly — but this wonderfully water-soluble formula is condom compatible!

Easy-to-use,no-spill 4 oz. squeeze bottle allows convenient one-hand application — so you can keep your attention on more important things! This heavy duty anal lube sells elsewhere for as much as $13.00. Our price is $11.95 plus postage.

A&E; Pro Anal Lube - Quantity

Beyond  the issues of discomfort, and the need for lots of lubrication, health concerns demand our attention. Remember, the rectum is full of bacteria. If a partner has recently washed, superficial play around the tender tissue surrounding the anus is relatively safe. If your only intent is to caress the outer sphincter with fingers, do not use a desensitizing lubricant. Rather, use a good water-based lubricant like Astroglide, KY, or Wet.  Any degree of penetration, however slight, poses a risk.

Remember, anything (penis, finger, or toy) placed inside a rectum must never be placed inside a vagina until it has been thoroughly washed! A safe practice is to wear a condom during anal intercourse or to pull one over a toy. This condom can then be removed for vaginal penetration. Remember, however, in removing the condom, fingers are likely to become contaminated, so watch where you put them.

Even if vaginal penetration is not intended, it is my recommendation that a man ALWAYS wear a condom during anal intercourse. The thought of packing bacteria up the end of a thrusting erection makes me uneasy. Obviously the condom also offers protection from HIV, the virus responsible for AIDS.

NOTE! Beginning in 2000, warnings have been issued by the CDC and the World Health Organization advising that nonoxynol-9 should not be used during anal intercourse. Studies have shown that nonoxynol-9, a spermicide contained in some condoms and lubricants, offers no protection against sexually transmitted diseases and actually destroys the protective lining of the rectum, which may enhance HIV transmission. HIV is the virus that is responsible for AIDS! The Before & After Sex Toy Cleaner we sell does not contain nonoxynol-9.


We offer the informative, explicit, and humorous video Guide to Anal Sex, hosted by Nina Hartley. Nina will guide you into some back door fun with Anna Malle, Hank Armstrong, and John Decker. Find out why Nina does not call it "Anal Sex," and learn the how and the why of this taboo form of eroticism. This video is probably as much a "porn" video/DVD as an educational one, for we are told that we will see Anna Malle build up to a super-charged orgasm, will watch as the ladies entertain the men with some hot fellatio . . . all before what is called a "rump-bumping rodeo!"

Our price of this 60 minute, X-rated video/DVD:  $24.95, plus $4.00 postage and handling.

Nina's Guide to Anal Sex video - Quantity

Nina's Guide to Anal Sex DVD - Quantity

Anal Massage For Relaxation & Pleasure - Volume One

anal sex

Anal Massage for Relaxation and Pleasure (Volume One) offers you two and half hours of expert, hands-on demonstrations by professional bodyworkers, sex educators and four real-life couples: two male/female, one male/male and one female/female.

Dr. Carol Queen and Dr. Robert Lawrence guide you stroke-by-stroke through a relaxing Rosebud Massage.

Explore the exquisite pleasures of anal eroticism. Learn prostate massage techniques and the art of giving a woman simultaneous genital and anal stimulation.

Two real-time demonstrations by Chester Mainard offer you the option of learning external and internal anal massage on either a woman or on a man.

This DVD together with Anal Massage for Lovers (Volume Two) includes comprehensive anal touch education for both beginners and for advanced students. Volume Two is still in production, but if you order Volume One and would like to be notified just as soon as Volume Two is available, we will e-mail you.

Anal Massage For Relaxation & Pleasure, Volume One DVD: 160 minutes, Sexually Explicit
Suggested Retail Price: $29.95 Our price $24.95

Order the Anal Massage DVD - Quantity


anal sexAnal Foreplay for Couples is an audio guided imagery CD containing tips and techniques, as well as self-directed hypnosis to learn relaxation, comfort and confidence when exploring anal pleasures. Learn the secrets of male G-Spot massage and much more.

Go here to learn more or order now for just $19.95 plus Priority Mail postage.

Anal Foreplay for Couples - Quantity


 Anal sex is not just about anal intercourse. We have picked two with the beginner in mind, although a veteran will also find these enjoyable.

Anal E-Z BendTHE ANAL E-Z BEND VIBRATOR This vibrator is not much wider than a finger and is 6 inches long. It is possible to bend the shaft in any direction you desire, making it easy to reach the male prostate or when used vaginally to stimulate a woman's G-Spot. A remote control operates the multi-speed vibrating "bullet" in the toy's base. A smooth polymer outer skin becomes extra slippery when used with a good lubricant.

Buy the E-Z Bend vibrator for only $19.95 plus postage and handling Two AA batteries are required.

E-Z Bend Vibrator - Quantity

THE BLUE KNIGHT ANAL PROBE is a unique rubber toy that can be filled with warm or cool water for unusual anal pleasure. The pressure-sensitive plug keeps the liquid secure, and once lubricated and eased into your lover's backdoor, this toy is sure to please, beginners and the anal pros alike.

Buy the Blue Knight Anal Probe for only $19.95 plus postage and handling

Blue Knight Anal Probe - Quantity

BUY BOTH TOYS FOR $35.00 plus postage.

Both Anal Toys - Quantity

The Penthouse vibrating Slimline Anal Rocket is 2 toys in one and perfect for anal beginners. This powerful rocket is small enough to conceal in your purse or pocket, yet delivers a BIG backdoor sensations. The Slimline rocket feels great on nipples, clitoris or anus, but add the soft-n-flexible anal sleeve and enjoy internal ecstasy. The sleeve is rippled, so it feels great slipping in and out. Small enough that you probably will not need one of our anal lubricants, but a bit of Astroglide will ease the entry.

The package claims the sleeve is 6" but you never want to insert anything that might slip in completely. That requires a trip to the emergency room. On the sleeve you will see the save limit . . . it will be 4" of flexible rippled pleasure.

The Slimline Rocket uses 1 "AA" Battery (not included). Our price is just $19.95 plus postage for a toy that is as exciting on your clitoris as it is in your anus.

Anal Rocket - Quantity



Before & After Adult Toy Cleaner: Safe, effective, and we offer the guaranteed lowest price on the Internet, and are always looking for special offers and unique combinations. Learn more about this health-smart product and how to save money by combining an 8 oz bottle of the cleaner along with one of the anal toys of other vibrator.


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There is a wide variety of anal toys available to add novelty to your sex play.

Learn about butt plugs, anal vibrators, dildos, Benwa balls, and more. The best source for toys, include those for anal pleasure, is Adam and Eve

Anal Toys

If interested in really getting into anal explorations, straight, bi, or gay, buy one or both of the following books on!

Anal PleasureAnal Pleasure & Health: A Guide for Men and Women

Here are some of the reviews on
        I think this is one of the best books to help a person get in touch with their inner feelings. I think if you want to have anal sex, buy this book, it gives great ways to experience it in its fullest!

       This book completely covers the subject of anal eroticism and how to approach it safely and  pleasurably. While somewhat daring, a must read for anyone who is interested in anal sex, eroticism, health and more.

       I highly recommend this book. It may be a bit basic in some areas for anal vets, but you can learn some things to. Probably the best book on the subject around.

      This book is indispensable reading for anybody thinking of exploring anal eroticism in any or all of its forms. Unlike some writers, Morin spends as much time focusing on using fingers, tongues and toys as he does on intercourse, and he emphasizes becoming comfortable with your body and finding out what (if any) forms of anal stimulation you enjoy, rather than making yourself feel inadequate for failing to meet external "goals".

       The "health" part of the title shouldn't be ignored - as well as providing invaluable information on  how to make anal play safe and fun for all concerned, Morin also covers the general health of this most-maligned area of the body. His guidance on relaxation and care seems as if it would be useful for anyone with irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, hemorrhoids or any other anal or related problem, and his mission to remove shame and pain is equally relevant here.

Go here to learn more about this book.

Guide to Anal Sex  The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women For all women - heterosexual, lesbian, bisexual - who want to learn how to enjoy anal sex - with a partner or by yourself, This guide contains a clear, illustrated discussion of anatomy, and helpful tips on safety, preparation, and hygiene. Learn about building trust and communicating your desires. Add some fantasy, gender bending, and power play.

    Learn the secrets to pleasurable anal penetration: how to give it, how to get it. Read the explicit stories of women's real experiences with anal eroticism.

This book contains a complete bibliography, index, and guide to helpful resources - videos, books, magazines, and Web sites.

Go here to learn more about this book.

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