sex toy

This soft, supple latex chin dong straps over the head for vaginal stimulation and hands-free fun during cunnilingus. Measuring 5 ½" long and 1 ½" wide, this flesh-colored phallus fits securely onto the wearer’s chin for penetrating pleasures your partner will love! Guys, haven’t you always wanted to screw and eat the same woman at the same time. Gals, haven’t you longed to have a reasonable 5 ½ inches inside while being passionately eaten? You gotta try it!

This toy has been around for a while. I first discovered the "Accommadator" in 1996, during the writing of my book "Oral Caress: The Loving Guide to Exciting a Woman." The Accommadator is available at Adam & Eve. I am always looking for lower prices and found that the Accommadator sells for $31.95 on other sites, but Adam & Eve charges only $24.95.

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