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  Porn USA
A 48 HOURS television documentary with Dan Rather, aired 11/18/92, offering insight into an interesting perspective on pornography in the early 1990's. 60 minutes  $4.00

Once-viewed Video - Quantity

 My Body, My Business: Sex Workers Promote Safe Sex
What better instructor than a sex worker to teach how erotic sex can still be safer. This video provides a frank and honest demonstration of safe sex practices. The 1992 production combines humor and information to make this a very compelling video, 16 minutes  $3.50

Once-viewed Video - Quantity

Secrets of Sex

 The Secret of the Sexes
An eye-opening look at the sex roles we teach our children. This video takes a disarming approach to how we type-cast young girls and boys in the way we think of them, act toward them, and teach them. Psychologists, teachers, sociologists, and families investigate how this happens, sometimes even without our knowledge. A 1980 NOVA production, 60 minutes  $3.50

Once-viewed Video - Quantity

Playboy  Hugh Hefner: Once Upon a Time   The producers have turned their lens on the founder and editor of PLAYBOY Magazine. They were given access to exclusive footage including home movies of Hefner's childhood, tantalizing glimpses of life inside the Playboy Mansion, and other behind-the-scenes footage of the man and his empire. This personal look, combined with candid interviews of both friends and enemies, makes this film a remarkable psychological travelogue on the man and his life. This 91 minute video gets "Two Thumbs Up!" from Siskel & Ebert.  $5.00

Hugh Hefner Video - Quantity


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Cross-Dresser  Paris is Burning  
Joel Siegel, of Good Morning America, called this "One of the best films I've seen this year!" In the early 1990's this award winning film was igniting audiences and critics across the country with record-breaking box office performances. An unblinking behind-the-scenes story of the young men of Harlem who originated "voguing,"  and turned their stylized dance competitions into a glittering expression of fierce personal pride. A story of street-wise urban survival, gay self-affirmation, and the pursuit of a desperate dream - to live for a brief, dazzling moment in a fantasy world of high fashion, status and acceptance. This 76 minute film was R Rated in the theaters. $5.00

Award-Winning Film - Quantity

sex in films  Hollywood Uncensored 
This production is hosted by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and a young Peter Fonda, given the copyright date of 1987. Hollywood Uncensored unearths it all as it takes a provocative and fascinating look at the history of Hollywood censorship. From the shocking to the silly-- controversy is always around the corner in Tinseltown! Get ready for a rare look at scandal among the stars. For instance: the highly exploitive scenes of a young Shirley Temple playing a Mae West-like seductress, or the banned scenes from "King Kong." Even the powerful and disturbing usew of violence in "Taxi Driver" had erupted into a national debate. Catch a glimps of the totally outrageous excesses of roadshow filmakers, whose "shockers" like "Sex Madness" and "The Love Life of  a Gorilla" titillated audiences of an earlier era.  75 minutes of revealing fun. $4.50
Hollywood Uncensored - Quantity

sex in film Hollywood Undressed
Scandal, sin, and sexual escapades . . . they're all a part of Hollywood Undressed and the indepth look at the seamier side of Tinseltown. From James Dean's bisexual antics, to Marilyn Monroe's controversial death, to other screaming headlines of the early 1990's, this video gives more than a peek at the most lurid stories ever to come out of the world's movie capitol. You'll see actual videotape of Rob Lowe's bedroom antics, Jayne Mansfield's racy home movies, and much more. It's a wild and wooly ride with Hollywood's baddest boys and naughtiest girls!  A 60 minute tape with some nudity.$4.50

Hollywood Undressed - Quantity

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Dirty Dancing
 Dirty Dancin'
All-Star Program of Classic Dirty Dirty Dancin' leads you through dozens of rare filmed dance segments that comprise the history of this unique and provocative form of dance. You will find that such fads as "break dancing," "dirty dancing," and even the "twist" are nothing more than the basic dance moves that have been around for years . . . as you will witness in the rare footage compiled on this amazing video. Produced in 1989, this unique video features footage from 1929 through 1955!  62 minutes  $4.00

Once viewed Video - Quantity


 Hollywood Revels 
A real burlesque show originally filmed in 1947. The music, the dance, the tease . . . a bit of history. They bump. they grind, they titillate and then they take it all off . . . well, down to pasties and g-strings. It was, after all, in mid-fortys and decades before the totally nude dancers of today.   58 minutes   $4.00

Yesterday's Burlesque - Quantity

dirty jokes

 Playboy's Video Party Jokes
Start the party off right with the best of the PLAYBOY Magazine's Party Joke page - in living laughs! Top comics and stunning PLAYBOY playmates meet up in sexy skits, spoof and out-rageous nude scenes with the antics that animate the best jokes you ever saw. Enjoy hilarious humor and ribald situations galore. 1989, 45 minutes  $3.00
Once-viewed Video - Quantity

Sex Information
 Sexcetera: The World According to Playboy 
It's hot . . . and revealing. It's serious, sexy, provocative and fun. It's your window on the exciting, explosive Playboy world -- your world!. From around the globe, with eye-opening impact, you'll see your world as never before. Witness erotic yachting, nude swimming, and a swingers convention. Investigate the myths and magic of vibrators, the workings of a condom factory, the sexual interests of seniors and the practice of exotic body art . . . and there is much more.   A 1984 production   $4.00

Once-viewed Video - Quantity

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 The Pin-Ups: A Picture History of America's Dream Girls
  From Betty Grable to Madonna . . . if a picture is worth a thousand words, theirs are worth a million fantasies. They are the pin-up girls. the flawless goddesses who define beauty and desirability. This ravishing pin-up pictorial is a visual encyclopedia of the world's sexiest and most alluring women. Filled with blond bombshells, sex kittens, beauty queens and screen sirens, it's a celebration of a century of poster-perfect women. Spotlighting Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, and many other immortal pin-ups, this eye-opening account reveals these idolized icons as they've never been seen before. This history of the pin-up is a scintillating survey of flesh, fantasy and the feminine ideal. It is a part of the American history.  1994, 60 minutes   $4.00

Pin-Ups Video - Quantity

 The Love Goddesses
Whether you are an old-timer subject to nostalgia or a young movie-goer filled with curiosity, as well as any in-between category you can think of, there is an amusing, informative time in store as you watch this surfvey of sex sirens through a 60 year history of motion pictures. What was allowed earlier in films would curl the hair of today's censors. 1974 83 minutes   $4.50

Love Goddess - Quantity

Marilyn Monroe
 Marilyn Monroe
A touching portrait of a special woman, narrated by Mike Wallace . . . she was born Norma Jean Baker, and died Marilyn Monroe. This is the story of a special lady who wanted most of all to find love and good feelings, but seldom found either. In her turbulent personal life and career, she skyrocked to super-stardom, only to arrive at the depths of loneliness and tragedy. This original video contains footage from one of her most famous films, "Ladies of the Chorus." Also included are exclusive news clips from a number of broadcasts that thrilled the hearts of the American public. This 1981 video is in black and white and runs for 30 minutes.   $3.00

Marilyn Monroe - Quantity

  Life & Death of a Sex Goddess
Jean Harlowe (1911-1937), Carole Lombard (1908-1942), Betty Gable (1918-1973), Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962), Jayne Mansfield) (1932-1967) . . . They had it all, beauty, wealth, talent, and a very special ingredient that separated them from the rest and made them America's Sex Goddesses. This 1988 brings you a fascinating 60 minute study and account of five lives that have dominated our thinking for decades, along with some rare footage and photos that give you more insight into the incredible lives of these beautiful women.  $4.00

Life & Death - Quantity

Playboy Playmates

Playboy's Playmates Uncensored  Settle in for a fabulous 30 minutes that will leave you reeling with desire and begging for more.  2000  $2.50

Playmates Uncensored - Quantity

Playboy Playmates

 Playboy Home Videos Sit back and turn up the heat with playboy's sizzling scenes. This 30 minute video overflows with playful Playmates who are sure to leave you hot under the collar.  1999  $2.50

Playboy's Home Videos - Quantity

Pin-Up GirlGo here to learn more of the VARGA GIRL Video and a book of the artist's sensual drawings.

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Erotikus...A History of the Gay Movies  An extremely well produced, excellently written, and cleverly edited film history of gay movies from "art-pose films" to hard core. 54 minutes   $4.00

Erotikus Video - Quantity

Sex Madness... They Must be Told  
A classic film warning, detailing the horrors of syphilis. Filmed around 1937, and thus of historical interest. 53 minutes   $3.50

Sex Madness  -  Quantity

Satin & Lace  The PENTHOUSE erotic history of lingerie. Who said studying history isn't fun? 55 minute  $2.50

Satin & Lace  -  Quantity

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Party Girls  An Adam and Eve production, fairly typical of adult video with a lot of action and very little plot. At least 60 minutes in length.   $3.50

Party Girls  -  Quantity

Shadows  This unique 30 minute video is from Blush Productions and is an episode of consensual female S&M;, including some close-ups of "fisting."   $4.00

Shadows  -  Quantity

Sacred Sex 

Sex and the Sacred, Conversations with Sam Keen  This is provocative series of three half-hour programs exploring the sexual and the spiritual in human experience. (1. Breaking Taboos, 2. The Erotic Life, 3. Loving the Imperfect) In each episode Keen, a philosopher and best-selling author, expands on his basic conviction that something intrinsically spiritual lies at the heart of the sexual act. Watch and listen as Sam Keen demonstrates the clarity and sharpness of mind that is characteristic of all his work. He also displays his remarkable candour and, as a result, you meet a man who askes hard questions and illustrates them by sharing deeply personal life experiences.  1993, 73 minutes  $4.50

Sex and the Sacred - Quantity

Getting Fucked 
 The Gun is Loaded
From the back of the jacket of this confrontational video:  "It's all about getting fucked..." So begins confrontationalist Lydia Lunch in her brutally frank address of the true state of the union . . . the fatally fertile breeding ground of greed, corruption, exploitation and despair that is America. 1988, 30 minutes  $3.50

The Gun is Loaded - Quantity


This short video is a unique experimental film by a foot fetishist. When you watch it, you will understand the title and catch a glimmer of Jeff's fascination with women's feet.  1991, 4:24 minutes   $2.50

Squish Video - Quantity

Sex in Bible

The Good Book of Love: Sex in the Bible Just what does the Bible say about sex? Find out in this 100 minute A&E; documentary, sold originally in 1996 for $19.95. $5.50

The Good Book of Love - Quantity

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Working Girls  "The two things I love most in life are sex and money... I just never knew until much later they were connected." FOUR STARS - USA TODAY, "vivid, candid... totally engrossing" -Gannett News Service, "Two Thumbs Up" -Siskel & Ebert, Drama . . . FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY  1987  93 minutes   $6.00

Working Girls - Quantity

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