Swinging swinger

Adult Erotica Swinging on the Wide Side

 with Bob Birch

It’s Fun!

I felt the heat of passion rise,
as your tongue danced with mine.
I slid my hand between your thighs –
the feeling was divine.

A fragrant nectar met my touch
revealing your desire,
I’ve never wanted you so much,
my passion burned like fire.

Our love had grown and blossomed so,
and sex is just one part,
there’s many things we’ve come to know,
of mind and soul and heart.

Seems this rare love that we now share
has joined us as if one,
we’re serious and do take care,
but sex for us is fun!

erotic poems
These poems are found in this collection of "dirty" verse!

Division by Three

How is it possible
that passion divided by three
is magically
multiplied by one hundred?

How can sensual beings
combine three bodies
and yet
add a thousand new thrills?

How can mutual desire,
acted out by three players
create a scene
unlike those we have known before?

How can it be
that two in love, but three in bed
can open minds
and open hearts to forbidden fulfilment?

How could I describe
the touch, the sounds, the tastes,
those lustful looks
when old rules yield to newfound freedom?

Wife and Husband, I Made Three

My God, I thought would never be,
a wife and husband, I made three,
and never thought I’d be in bed
with one chick giving two guys head.

This woman groaned as thought were dying,
I got her off with hardly trying,
then to her pussy I went down
and started in to go to town.

It wasn’t hard to find her clit –
as hubby settled for a tit,
and this gal started in to moan
and my cock got as hard as bone.

She said to hubby, “I’ll do you,”
He said, “And Bob and you can screw,”
And so she got up on her knees
And went to work, two men to please.

I really didn’t have to hunt
for she had one wet slippery cunt
I pushed on in to my full length
and pumped away with all my strength.

It seemed that my whole world imploded
as deep inside her I exploded.
My cries of pleasure I let out,
‘twas not a whimper, more a shout.

I thought perhaps that she was done,
we took a break from all the fun,
but then she said, “Dear, do come here,”
grabbed hubby’s cock as he stood near.

She sucked him and he closed his eyes
as I moved down between her thighs,
and hubby had not come quite yet
but she was getting very wet.

He finally came, his knees went slack
and she stretched out upon her back,
and came at least a few times more,
before she said, “I’m getting sore.”

Well, at this point she would have quit
but I said, “Please, I need a bit,”
and showed her number two erection
and she gave me some sweet affection.

As I sat on the sofa seat,
She knelt between my two bare feet,
looked in my eyes then headed south
and took me full length in her mouth.

Now I am surly at my best
when with a second hard on blessed,
but coming twice is not my style,
for at my age that takes a while.

In that Moment

It was a familiar taste,
flavored with the spice of excitement.
It was at once the same as I have known,
but erotically fresh
and sensually novel.

My appetite had been stirred
and my mouth yearned
to be filled with your essence –
my hunger, as yours,
would find satisfaction in your orgasm.

Take my gift
and know of the joy this giver shares,
for in your pleasure I will find mine
and in that exquisite moment of ecstasy
we will be one.


Perhaps Today She will be Free

She is a restless woman,
feeling sexually unfulfilled,
hungering for touch,
the sound of heavy breathing,
the smell of a man . . .
his taste in her mouth.

Neglected in her own bed,
frustrated in her own expression,
shamed for her excess,
craving now the freedom to explore
wanting now the freedom to explode,
needing a man’s passion to set her free.

How long can she wait,
how long deny her instincts,
curb her desire,
smother that sweet fire
that burns between her thighs . . .
unattended for so long.

Today, perhaps, she will find expression,
perhaps today she will feel a hand reach out
and know she is free to touch fingertips,
to interlock fingers,
to pull the man to her breasts
and press her eager lips to his.
Today, perhaps, she will stir his desire,
and feel hers stir in response to his,
and perhaps today she will take him into her
his body, his soul, his essence
and she will feel wanted
and she will find completion.

A Soft and Sensual Invitation

The lady felt alive,
a combination of the excitement
. . . the fear of what lay ahead.
Unexpected, but not unwanted,
yet desire called out to her
in a man’s voice . . .
soft and sensual in one breath
deep and demanding in the next.
A promise of fantasies fulfilled,
the invitation accepted.

The lady felt alive.

Swinging with Vicky and Ron

He drove a small red pickup truck,
With Vicky at his side,
They had in mind a four way fuck,
My motives I’ll not hide.

I felt the urge to fuck as well,
As did my sweet Kathleen,
And fuck we did, I’m here to tell,
With eating in between,

Ron licked Kathleen until she came,
Which made her squeal with joy,
And I ate Vicky just the same,
And then became her toy.

She mounted me and humped away
And came one hundred times,
While Kathy did some oral play,
That surely rang Ron’s chimes.

We moaned and groaned, the bed was wet
But still we licked and sucked,
For we were hardly finished yet,
And once more we all fucked.

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Not Ready to Slide Down the Other Side of that Hill

They tell me there’s an age
where ya just won’t get no more lovin’
and you’re supposed to not care.
There’s either that problem
with the guy part not gettin’ up
or the gals just don’t want bothered –
menopause or something like that.
Least ways, they say it just aint
worth gettin’ cleaned up for.

Don’t know when that’s gonna happen,
but I’m hoping not real soon.
Still got that need
down there in my britches –
just gotta find me one of those gals
who still remembers
how to do it
. . . and why.

Dirty Old Man and His Bitch Baby

Lewd thoughts swept though his mind
on a fairly regular schedule,
like one every three minutes . . .
except on Sundays
when the frequency increased.

Despite an age nearing seven decades,
this man lusted after women,
young and old, hot and cold,
but no longer a young stud
he had not been very lucky in recent years.

One day this dirty old man
happened to meet a naive younger woman,
of the earth mother genre,
and he thought her quite innocent
upon first meeting.

This woman came in layers, however,
and, like the proverbial onion,
progressively peeled away,
revealing an inner self
that would make most older men cry.

Fantasies boldly revealed
made the old man blush,
but the blood quickly left his cheeks
and headed southward,
to parts neglected but still quite functional.

She talked of devious acts desired,
of wet encounters with countless men
in impossible positions,
in public and private places,
in each orifice and opening.

She excited the old man
with graphic descriptions
of lusty acts,
explicitly detailed in lewd language
leaving little doubt as to her intent.

The dirty old man offered no resistance,
revealed his own obscene obsessions
of perverted pleasures . . .
what a pair,
this dirty old man and his bitch baby.

All poems above by Robert W. Birch, Sexologist, Poet, Author
© 2004

erotic swinging poetry





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