Photograph: Anonymous c. 1890

Erotic Poetry by Robert W. Birch, Ph.D.

A woman wrote:
A truly amazing collection of erotically lust-filled carnal yearnings. It is nice to know that there are people like you who understands and enjoys the fact that these feelings, wants, and desires are beautiful and meant to be shared.

Another wrote:
Such beautiful imagery . . . it goes well beyond just basic lust. There is a peace and tenderness in your poetry that is not often expressed by men. It was truly a pleasure to read.


The Oral Caress
Robert W. Birch
Copyright 2001

Cradled between your tender thighs
I lift you to my mouth.
The abundance of your wetness greets me
and my mouth overflows with your warm essence.
Your sweet taste is on my tongue
and your fragrance delights my senses.
No gentle lick this visit.
No bashful cautious approach
For I wish to consume you.

Push against my hungry mouth
As the tip of my tongue slides up the slippery furrow
that welcomes me between rows of delicate pink petals.
Thrust against my generous tongue.

Show me the power of your desire
for my oral caress.
My exploring tongue lifts the hood
and finds your smooth firm pearl.
You squeal in that unique way,
signaling that I have found your special spot.
I harden in response.

My jaws protests what my open mouth provides
but I am unrelenting in my gift,
intent only on your fulfillment.
I feel your body tense,
and you are quiet now...
Concentrating... bearing down.
Soon now my love,
ecstasy approaches.

You push hard and fast against my tongue,
shameless in using me
and I so willingly comply
until you cry out...
and in your satisfaction,
I will find mine,
But mine will be the greater.

Robert W. Birch, Ph.D.
Copyright 2001 applies to title and poem, all rights reserved.


Robert W. Birch
Copyright 2001

From where I lie, nestled between your tender thighs
I see stretching out before me
the spectacular landscape of your beautiful body.
My nose is surrounded by the untrimmed bush
that sprouts upon a bony ridge.
Unseen, my tongue has found the fountain of your womanhood
and your earthy taste is sweet within my mouth.
My eyes travel across the flat plain of your soft stomach,
lingering at that shallow crater
where a small gold ring decorates the rim most distant from me.

It is a rolling meadow to the lush foothills of your breasts.
Small firm mountains, a matched set,
twin peaks each topped with its own perky nipple
sitting alert as though calling out for attention.
Beyond the mountains your chest and neck
display the warm reddish flush that signals your arousal,
like flowers announcing the coming of spring.
My eyes travel over your chin, finding full lips
that reveal nothing of your intense inner pleasure,
save a small upturning of each corner.

Your eyes are tightly closed as you look deep within.
Golden hair provides a wispy frame for your lovely face
as you are swept up in the avalanche of your arousal.
Your face reveals no recognition of my presence,
for you are swallowed up in the ecstacy of your sexual pleasures.

As I now concentrate on my pleasure in giving to you,
I close my eyes, for I have captured the landscape of your body.
Your indelible image is imprinted on my mind
and in fantasy, I will swallow you up.
My mouth will consume you, taking you in
and you becoming a part of me and I of you
until the plains heave up, the mountains shake,
and the bodyscape before me erupts with the fury
buried within the deepest strata of your passionate soul.

©2001 Robert W. Birch
This work may not be reproduced in any manner or media, print or electronic, without written permission of the author.


The challenge I had set for myself was to write a poem with rhyme.
The form is iambic (da DA) tetrameter (four iambic feet per line)... hence: da DA da DA da DA da DA. The sing-songy nature of this form threatens to distract from the seriousness I had hoped to communicate.

Soul Mate
Robert W. Birch

We met but once as though by chance,
we didn't date, or did we dance.
We looked into each other's eyes
without deception or disguise.
A silent message passed between
your hungry heart was plainly seen.
You saw desire I could not hide,
you looked at me and saw inside.

How could a glance have said so much,
and cause a chill without a touch?
What was that chemistry that night,
that promised what we felt was right?
What satisfaction we'd have missed,
If we had not reached out and kissed.
I do not know if it was you,
or was it I who said, "Let's do."
But on that night our souls were bare
as surely as our bodies there.

Our bodies moved in harmony,
I couldn't tell the you from me.
And locked in passion as we were,
my sense of time began to blur.
I must have known you from before,
how else could you have reached my core?
In life perhaps before this one
what had we shared? What had we done?
With what I felt, emotions vast,
I must have loved you in the past.

But now we go our separate ways,
to different lives throughout our days.
I keep you though within my dreams,
Eternal soul mate, so it seems.

Robert W. Birch
© 2001 All rights reserved. No reproduction in any media, print or electronic, without written permission of the author.


The Music of Love
By Robert W. Birch
Copyright 2001

Bodies warm with passion's heat
pressed together in hungry embrace.
Intertwined we move as one,
synchronizing to the inner beat
of desire's baton.
The erotic rhythm of hips in motion
thrusting in time with the melody
that steals its way from the depths
of our most primitive selves.
A harmony of sounds unintelligible,
voiced only by passionate lovers.
Bodies warm with passion's heat,
hard dancing to the music of love.

©2001 Robert W. Birch
This work may not be reproduced in any manner or media, print or electronic, without written permission of the author.


By Robert W. Birch
Copyright 2001

We danced as lovers dance
to music only we had heard.
A hot beat to which we moved
in perfect time,
with perfect synch.
Unhurried though each driven on,
both knowing how the dance would end.

We shared the lead
as the tempo quickened.
You followed me,
I followed you,
each wanting that conclusion
as ageless passion demands its due.
Our cries loud as bodies yield,
sounds from deep within escaped
to alert close neighbors
to the simultaneous climax of our dance.

The music softened,
mellow in its final strains.
We curled together our contented bodies,
our cries at last subdued,
and only now a gentle purring.
In this quietness our muffled moans yell out
a thousand words of utter joy,
in celebration of our dance,
in recognition of our love.

We laughed and played a while
although our dance had ended.
Naked, you fed me grapes --
a piece of chocolate pressed to my lips,
combining with the sweetness of your essence
that still lingered in my mouth.
Bodies young, if but in our minds,
still needing gentle caring touch
still needing tender lasting love.
The beat has changed,
soft music now,
after the dance is over.

Robert W. Birch
© 2001 All rights reserved. No reproduction in any media, print or electronic, without written permission of the author.


Gentle Love
Robert W. Birch

Tender skin,
soft under my finger tips.
Dark eyes that watch my touch,
closing only when overtaken by pleasure.

A pretty face,
framed in soft hair.
Unpainted lips,
responsive to my gentle kiss.

Full round breasts,
youthfully eager for attention.
Each nipple firming
to my loving touch.

Soft smooth skin,
tender on inner thighs.
Shapely legs open
to my gentle persuasion.

Delicate secrets revealed,
hungry to know more of love,
Wet with passion's sweet nectar
tender to a lover's touch.

Oh dear woman,
your heart is precious,
Your spirit soars
When desire overwhelms you.

Oh sweet lady,
my desire for you consumes me.
To know your heart
And fly high with your spirit.

Hold me closely
and touch me in gentle ways.
Receive in return
the gifts of my love and desire for you.

Let's be together
for this brief time we walk this path.
Let's learn of joy
and take fond memories when we part.

©2001 Robert W. Birch
This work may not be reproduced in any manner or media, print or electronic, without written permission of the author.


Robert W. Birch

We walk a secret path today,
in the moment of our quiet intimacy.
Not knowing where this trail will lead,
nor grasping when it ends.

We share our private thoughts today,
trusting they'll do no harm.
Along this path we stop to share
inner feelings, deep desires.

We walk today this special route,
and each reach out for the other.
Hands and hearts together now,
spirits joyful and intertwined.

My mind is filled with sweet images,
like souvenirs collected along our way.
Memories to prompt our journey,
each exciting as the last.

Someday the path we walk today
will narrow so only one
must walk alone in silence
with the memories of what had been.

Collected memories in my mind,
a mental scrapbook for me to carry
if I must take the narrow path
and carry only the traces of your being.

Memories of your smiling lips,
eyes that danced with laughter.
sensual images of full breasts
warm and soft under my gentle touch.

Images of your womanhood
proud and free in its response.
Fragrances that will long linger
after the rose has gone.

Your gentle loving heart,
caring in such an honest way.
A brilliant grown-up mind,
but still within the playful child.

Remembrances of our secret walk
along that hidden path
will warm my soul on winter days,
a bright star to light my nights.

Robert W. Birch
© 2002 All rights reserved. No reproduction in any media, print or electronic, without written permission of the author.


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