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PEC Publishing came to life in 1996 as a part of Professional Education Consultants, the consulting and education branch of the clinical practice of Robert W. Birch., Ph.D. PEC Publishing became the "imaginary" publisher of educational brochures printed by Dr.Birch, an Ohio psychologist specializing in marital and sex therapy. When Dr. Bob Birch self-published his first book, ORAL CARESS: A Loving Guide to Exciting a Woman, he contracted out the actual book printing and binding, but kept the PEC Publishing identity as the publisher. He has now self-published 17 adult books, with PEC Publishing (Trade Name registered with the State of Ohio) as the publisher. It is a company of one, and in his retirement, Dr. Birch continues to write, publish, and market his books.

Bob Birch

Dr. Birch maintains three active web sites, the oldest and largest of which is that had its beginning in 1996 as a three-page site, the sole purpose being the promotion of the book by that title. has grown to a 280+ page site, promoting books, adult educational videos, and a variety of hand-picked sexual toys.
With the publication of PATHWAYS TO PLEASURE: A Woman's Guide to Reaching Orgasm, Dr. Birch developed a site at, featuring books of specific interest to women.

When the psychologist turned poet and began publishing collections of his poetry, he established a large poetic site at Here this prolific writer demonstrates his ability to write in a variety of styles, both in meter and rhyme and in free verse. He writes of life, focusing on love, lust and loss. He writes poems intended to make the reader laugh, and poems that might bring a tear to the reader's eye.

For those authors and poets who would like to learn more about self-publishing, visit Dan Poynter's very informative site at

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adult sexuality, sexual compulsionThis site stands with other adult sites in speaking out against the exploitation of children in the form of child pornography or online exploitation of minors.

All Models in PEC Publications are consenting adults, older than 18 years of age. Dr. Birch is the holder of records.