Conair Electric vibrator

Ideal for clitoral stimulation

The Conair Electric Vibrator

Compact and lightweight
Five attachments for face, scalp, body
A Tip attachment for clitoral stimulation!
Two speeds
Easy grip handle
Six foot cord
One year limited warranty


You can't beat the price for an versitile electric vibrator. This vibrator does not have the two year warranty of the Wahl and is of lighter construction. If the Wahl is the BMW, the Conair is the Volvo . . . but either way, you can't lose!

YOUR PRICE only $10.95 plus postage and handling!

NOTE: Do not buy the Conair here if you live within driving distance of a Walmart Store. Walmart's price on this vibrator is only $9.47 (and you have no postage). That's where I bought my inventory, so I am only making $1.48 per sale. I still claim to beat any price you find on the Internet, but if you find one lower, let me know and I will match or better it, even if it is below what I paid.         Robert W. Birch, Ph.D., Certified Sexologist



Add to your pleasure by adding one or more of the attachments.

inner pleasureFor a woman who likes vibrator stimulation inside her vagina, there is the 4-inch attachment. Vibrations are intense enough that this attachment, which is of very reasonable size, can be used either on the clitoris or inside the vagina and move as desired for maximum pleasure. Add this attachment for $6.00.


G-SpotterLike G Spot stimulation? Add this G-Spotter attachment to your Conair vibrator and hit the spot! Approximate 5" long, it conveniently bends upward. Add it for $6.00.
Not sure where the G Spot is? Go to the G Spot FREE article.


clit teaserFor the Wahl electric vibrator, this special tip (1.25" long) is designed specifically for focused clitoral stimulation.This attachment is a must for the Wahl, but the Conair comes with a very similar tip. This attachment is a bit softer, however, but not a must. Add it if you wish for $6.00. Pleasure your partner as well by running the Conair tip or this attachment up the sensitive underside of his erection, then pressing it gently into the "frenulum."
Not sure where this male pleasure spot is? Check out this diagram. PLEASE NOTE, THAT THE CONAIR VIBRATOR COMES WITH SIMILAR KNOB INCLUDED.


Pleasure Cup for himIt is fun to play back and forth with this vibrator... the clitoral stimulator for her, and the "pleasure cup" (or "come cup")for him. Add this attachment for only $6.00.
Not sure where this cup fits? Check out this photo.


Wondering how to use the Conair or Wahl vibrator during intercourse? Here is a photo that demonstrates the use of a vibrator in the "scissors position."


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